Queen Maddie, Peasant Abby


  • Kendall:  KEHN-DAWL/DULL
  • Maddie:  MAD DEE
  • Chloe:  KLO EEE
  • Mackenzie:  MAH KEN ZEE
  • Brooke:  BROOK
  • Paige:  PAYJ
  • Nia:  NEE UH
  • Christi:  KRIS TEE
  • Holly:  HAWLEE
  • Kelly:  KEL LEE
  • Melissa:  MEH/MAH LISS UH
  • Jill:  JILL
  • Clara:  CLAIR UH
  • Josh:  JAW SSHHH
  • Ryleigh:  RY LEE
  • Charlotte:  SHAR LOTT
  • William:  WILL YUM
  • Evan:  EVV UHN
  • Marc:  MARK
  • Randy:  RAHN DEE
  • Kurt:  KERT
  • Greg:  GREHG
  • Evan:  **
  • Erno:  ERR NO
  • K:  KAY
  • Elizabeth:  EH/EE LIZ A BETH
  • Nicole:  NIH KOLE
  • Sioux:  SOO
  • Marie:  MUH REE
  • Frances:  FRAN SISS
  • Mackenzie:  **
  • Lukasiak:  LOO KAY ZEE ACK
  • Ziegler:  ZIHG LER
  • Hyland:  HI LAND
  • Frazier:  FRAY ZZUR
  • Vertes:  VURR TEZ
  • Jeff Colins:  SAY TUN
  • abby lee miller:  a fuCKING BITCH WITH NO HEART


He was working with her two episodes ago.

Also, Christi said in that episode that Chloe was supposed to have two other privates that he cancelled.

" One time everyone was calling me a liar and said I was brat and mean to everyone. I would go home and cry about it. I got really sad."
Maddie Ziegler breaking my fucking heart (via twerking-brookehyland)